Race Format

  1. Birds will be raced 10 weeks in a row on the Verre Noord Resiesduif Federasie race programme.
  2. In week 11 the birds will compete in a race over 180km and in week 12 in a race over 270km.
  3. The main race will be over a distance of 650km – 750km


Entry Fees and Payment Rules (Please note that only Activated birds will qualify for price money)

  1. A R800 perch fee per pigeon must be paid on entry of the bird into the loft, and one bird for every three pigeons (team) must be activated.
  2. R1200 activation fee to be paid on or before the first training toss.
  3. All fees and prize monies are calculated according to ZAR rate of exchange.
  4. Reserve birds may be activated at any time but at least three days [3] before the first official race. The activation fee amounts to R 1200 per bird.
  5. Birds not activated three [3] days before the start of the race programme may be activated by the public.
  6. The breeder does not receive any proceeds from any auction or prize money if his bird was activated by a third party.
  7. Every paid entry may have 2 reserve birds.
  8. For every 9 birds entered an additional bird may also be entered for free. This free bird will replace lost birds for the entrant.
  9. No fees are refundable.
  10. Every entrant on their own will be responsible for all arrangements and costs associated with getting their pigeons to the loft. SOL however will provide help and assistance where possible.
  11. Yearlings to be rung with officially recognised 2018/9 rings. Only yearlings will take part in the race.
  12. Prize money will be paid out within three [3] weeks after the auction and prize giving function.
  13. All Pigeons must be inoculated for PMV twice before entering the loft (Letter require signed by two other members)



  1. All birds become the property of SOL and will be disposed of at their discretion.
  2. After the final race all birds will be sold on auction by discretion of SOL , after cost 40% will be paid out to the breeder.
  3. All entrants and participants, by their acceptance of these rules and regulations, hereby indemnify and hold harmless The Sonskyn One Loft against any and all claims resulting from injuries, death or loss of pigeons during their care, training and racing of the pigeons.
  4. Any person visiting the loft or premises will do so on his/her own risk, and The Sonskyn One Loft will not be liable and be indemnified against any and all claims for any loss, damage or injuries resulting from such visit.
  5. Only loft management will be allowed in the loft at all times.
  6. Entries close on 28 February 2019
  7. Pigeons may be replaced at the owner’s risk up to 1 March 2019.
  8. The racing program will consist of 10 consecutive races starting at 168 km approximately.
  9. All decisions taken by the SOL Committee will be binding and final.
  10. Any pigeon returning from a race and not scanned, will be deemed not basketed.
  11. If two or more pigeons arrive at the same time and enter the loft at the same time, they will share the highest position and the prize money will be equally divided between them.
  12. The SOL committee will always keep the interest of the birds at heart and may make changes to the racing programme if it is deemed in the interest of the pigeons.
  13. Please note that Price money is subject to change should there be less than 500 Pigeons activated in the Loft.