Owner & Trainer:
Frank Ferreira
082 417 7011


To provide the opportunity for fanciers in South Africa to compete on equal footing with other fanciers in South Africa, especially in the hot Limpopo area.

To afford an opportunity to fanciers, who are unable to race anymore, to test their birds competitively, enjoy the sport again and live out their dreams once more. Non activated birds may also be activated by the public, thus affording them the opportunity to share in the available price money.

To enable overseas fanciers to test their birds against South African birds, in South African circumstances, as well as for South African fanciers to test their birds against overseas birds.



SOL will ensure that all birds are respected, cared for in a healthy environment, as well as be fit and well trained before being raced.

SOL will endeavour to make all local and international fanciers proud to be a competitor of SOL.